Jewellery Box
The Perfect Jewellery Box for your Home

Jewellery boxes are very personal items. Everybody needs one for specific and unique needs. Some like these containers to be waterproof, some like them with enough air to let the jewellery breathe.

Jewellery and ornament boxes come in different shapes and sizes – from the smallest to hold earrings to large ones that can fit in safety deposit boxes. Many jewellery boxes are also used are showpieces in living rooms or on dressing tables in countless homes across the globe.

No matter which style, design, and type of box you choose, the basic need of the container is still the same – storage of jewellery. There are several online and brick and mortar shops where you can buy your jewellery boxes. It becomes easier to purchase one if you know what to look for in an ideal jewellery box according to your specification. Katie from Orla James says it really important to choose a wedding rings that fits the design of your home, is cost friendly and most importantly, protects its contents.  

We are here to make your life a little easier by giving you some useful tips on how to select the correct jewellery box.


Size always matters! Size of the jewellery box entirely depends on the number and type of jewellery you want to store. If you have a lot of pearls, you will require a box that has velvet or cloth lining on the inside. Gold and silver need airtight containers. The size of the jewellery box should depend on the number of ornaments and jewellery pieces you want to store in it. If you have fewer pieces to save, you should opt for a small to medium-sized jewellery box, but if you have many pieces or large jewellery, then you should buy a larger sized box.

Material used

As discussed earlier, the internal material matters when deciding jewellery boxes. However, outer material matters just as much as the inner. Wooden jewellery boxes are the obvious choice for a lot of people since these boxes are inexpensive and suit almost all needs. Armoire is another good choice.

Plastic jewellery boxes are excellent for storage of diamonds and gemstones as well as gold and silver jewellery. Always select a material that can soak moisture and keep your ornaments healthy and free from rust and damage.


Modern men and women prefer being organised as against messy. Earlier, getting compartments in these boxes would be a task. Today, however, jewellery boxes come with small, medium, and large compartments to suit your specifications. Some boxes also come with unique holders for rings, earrings, and bangles. Bracelets and bangles can be stored in circular slots to avoid spoiling them. Rings can also be segregated to avoid confusion. There are hooks and holders for chains and chokers as well.

Ensure that you take stock of your jewellery pieces before you finalise on the compartments inside a jewellery box. Keeping your jewellery well organised will help preserve it for a longer time and get you the best value for your money at a later date.

Cost of the box

Check the price of the jewellery box per your budget. If you have expensive pieces of jewellery, it stands to reason that you need a jewellery box that can safely store your ornaments and protect them. Compare various box designs and costs based on the usage of the boxes and the sizes offered.

Larger boxes will be more costly than small and medium-sized ones. Good quality boxes with secure inner lining would be on the more expensive side than ones that are without inner lining. Conduct some research online to get an estimate of the sizes, materials, and variations available.

Locking mechanisms

Buying a box with secure locking mechanisms is crucial. Storing your jewellery is about safekeeping and protection. Never compromise on the safety of the locking mechanism. Some boxes have locks with keys that open the box, while some have digital locking systems. jewellery boxes with combination or sequential locks are the best but are expensive.

You need to make sure that your jewellery box remains safe in case your children ever get their hands on it, or the pets decide to jump on them. The locking mechanism should not open easily in case of a fall or a severe shake. If the locking system does not appeal to you, please opt for another box that is more suitable to your needs. Remember, if you lose the key to your jewellery box, not all hope is lost- call your local locksmith!

Before you settle on buying a box, always consider the style, pattern, design, locking, safety, the material used, cost, and model of the box. Your jewellery box should be a reflection of your treasures stored within it.

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