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What is Dibond Printing?

Dibond is a very well versed and familiar term in the printing and safety industry. It has excellent sales, is extremely popular, and comes in long-lasting, excellent quality.

Dibond printing is printing of signs, photos, texts, or pictograms that is done on aluminium composite material also known as dibond sheets. The composite metal is made by combining two aluminium sheets (usually pre-printed and 0.3 mm in thickness) that are fused with a core of polyethylene. After fusing the layers, the total thickness of the aluminium composite sheet varies between 2 mm and 6 mm.

Known for its benefits in the business sphere and as road signs, Dibond printing can be a boon for its long-term benefits. Most business persons find it very difficult to get the right size and sign that fit the unique needs of the product or service being sold. For such enterprises, Dibond printing is a fantastic option for high-quality signs to be printed.

Dibond is a fantastic alternative to prints, photos, and signs on plywood, PVC, or Coroplast, since it can last longer and remains in excellent condition.


Dibond printing has several benefits. Let us share a few with you.



Dibond printing is extremely useful for all weather conditions. Heat resistant, water and snow resistant, rain and other harsh weatherproof, Dibond prints are long lasting and do not lose their shine or color. Thanks to the aluminium composite used in the making of Dibond, the sun, and excessive heat do not affect the print on the surface of the material. Dibond is printed with UV (Ultraviolet) ink that does not become damaged due to the sun or reflective glares from the sun (in desert and snow).

UV ink helps protect the print and colors from the sun and helps them last longer than other materials used in printing that may fade or lighten over time. The print is solvent-free and non-toxic, so will not harm the aluminium composite over time.


Weight, size, and shape:

Due to the materials used, Dibond is lighter and more durable than other materials used in printing. Dibond prints weigh half as much as straight aluminium does, with thicker depths to make them sturdier and longer lasting. Added strength and flexibility allow Dibond prints to be shaped according to specifications. Dibond signs and photos can be shaped in straight lines, rectangles, squares, and circles. They can also be bent to form with curved edges or rounded corners.

The flexibility of the metal can be advantageous while designing and printing logos, signboards, and creative content material. They are also available in an array of colors like silver (brushed aluminum), copper, black, yellow, white, cream, green, blue, red, grey, and pink.


Where can Dibond be used?

There are multiple uses for Dibond printing, and their creativity only limits most companies, not be the usability of Dibond. Since aluminium composite is flat, all photo prints and signages in any desired shape, size, folds, or color can be molded and printed according to the unique specifications of businesses.

Dibond prints can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.



Many businesses use Dibond prints indoors to create a streamlined and uniform appearance across all its signages and prints. Interior decorators use Dibond to add a modern touch to homes and offices that leave a long-lasting impression on the entire façade.

Most shops also use Dibond printing to showcase their products, menus, or catalogues for customers to view at peace. If you want to add Dibond prints to your house, getting family photographs printed on Dibond will help keep your photos remain fresh and resistant to weather for long periods.



Due to its textural consistency and material, Dibond can be used outdoors with fantastic results. Since Dibond is weather-resistant, maximum companies make use of Dibond prints for their outdoor signage purposes including road signs like Stop, No Smoking, Reserved Parking, and so on.

Since Dibond is long lasting and portable, it is possible to reuse it over several years with a change in location. Lightweight, it is excellent for transport from one place to another. Advertising posters and outdoor displays in windows or on roads can be excellent choices since Dibond is exceptionally durable. At Freak Print you can inform yourself more on this topic and if you are looking for a new way to advertise go to crowd barrier jackets.


Dibond is an excellent product since it looks stylish and comes with a fantastic matte or glossy finish. The enamel on the aluminium composite is pre-painted that ensures it will not fade, chip off, or crack with time. Dibond can also be made to look reflective for night use with mirror-like surfaces.


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