8 Home Feng Shui Steps For Good Flow Of Energy

In designing homes, some people consider following Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese art of placement. It contains a system of laws that govern spatial arrangement in the house to attract and keep the flow of chi or energy. Feng Shui has been an important factor in building designs.

If you are among those considering this Chinese tradition, here are 8 basic Feng Shui steps that are good for your home:

Declutter Your House

The main goal of Feng Shui is to keep the chi or the energy flowing. So lighten up the load, get rid of the objects you do not use and make way for the positive energy. The clutter inhibits the entrance of energy, thus creating negativity inside your home.

Open The Door

Make your home a welcoming place. Keep the energy flowing and the negativity exiting. Make sure that your door is wide open. The front door shall be clean and free from obstacles including shoe racks.

Ensure Air And Light Entry

The Air and Light are two essential elements for a good Feng Shui energy. You need to open the windows for the entry of quality air and light. They help the continuous flow of positive energy in your home.

Place Plants Inside

Plants are therapeutic in nature. They purify the air and absorb toxins and other pollutants that produce negative energy. We suggest that you choose bigger plants to make it look minimal and sophisticated. Especially if you use the house as an office for a Digital Marketing Company or something.

Fix The Damaged

If you have furniture, appliances or anything inside your house, fix them. Repair clogged drains, broken pipes, dysfunctional TV, or even tattered clothes. They represent brokenness.

Avoid Too Many Lines

Straight lines create sharp edges which according to Feng Shui are “poison arrows”. If you have hanging frames, stairs or racks, make sure they got soft edges to allow the spontaneous flow of energy.

Take Bed In Command

Feng Shui has a concept of “commanding position” in which it suggests to place the most important furniture in a commanding position. The bed is where you rest for hours. The bed should be facing the door but not in line with the door. Future Focus who specialise in massage agreed. Keep things like the Kidsco baby carrier guide off the bed, to keep it neat.

Keep The Water Running

Chinese are fond of fountains. They represent the continuous and never-ending flow of energy. They are also good natural ionizers. Place fountains outside your house for good cash flow. You can put them in the living room or in the kitchen together with your Skimmedlatte coffee machine.

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