8 Perfect Home Designs Of 2017

Home is where we belong. It is a place of comfort where we can feel that we are safe and relaxed. It is also a place for convenience as it provides everything we need from food, bed to TV and the Internet. Indeed, there is no place like home the place where your  best espresso machine taste is best.

Our homes represent our identity. A messy house reflects our personality. A well-decorated home symbolizes a positive and joyful homeowner. Thus, it is important that we find time to decorate our homes and equip it with quality wood flooring for a start.

Here are 8 perfect home design ideas for 2017:

Dominance of Green

Pantone declared “Greenery” as the Colour of the Year 2017. Decorating your home with green furniture or painting your walls green means bringing the nature inside the house. Apart from nature, green represents refreshment and revitalization.

Pattern Combination

Mixing patterns is a traditional design idea that still manages to keep up in this digital era. Fashion designers are utilizing mixed patterns in their creations. It will also work in your house! Grab some blanket with mixed patterns and place it in your bed, complemented with pillows of various patterns, too. Spaces, who design kitchens in Worthing, use this concept throughout the whole process from planning to manufacturing their kitchens and living spaces.


Fill your house with mirrors – mirrors here, mirrors there and mirror everywhere. Mirrors create an illusion that your house is large, thus making it look more spacious. Mirrors are also perfect for the “selfie” generation. Also quality show off opt for the best quality pillows, the best sofa the best everything.


DIY crafts had become popular before. But now, the artisanal products are back. Instead of recycled materials formed into a home décor, artisanal decorations are more sophisticated and minimal. This includes amazing woodwork, porcelain vases, and glass figures.


Butterflies symbolize optimistic and happy outlook on life. Butterflies are unique on walls. Apart from children’s rooms, they are also perfect in bathrooms and outdoor kitchens.

Hanging Lights

Table lamps are out. Hanging lights are in. Consider hanging pendant lights in your home office or bedroom to create a whimsical style. Hanging lights are also perfect for small spaces.

Marble Surfaces

Marble surfaces is a timeless home design preference. It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Choose marble surfaces that are in shades of white and gray. Though be careful with pricey items such as your Chord Mojo player when placing it on such surfaces.

Foldable and Convertible

Less is a trend now. The more space, the better. Purchase tucked-away appliances and foldable furniture to create more space in your house. Can you imagine the space you’d save if you had a folding treadmill or slide away table? Also a better choice would be a bed that can be converted to room table or cabinet. Prestige Doors say ‘minimalism is a very popular design movement these days’.

Credit Attribution: Designed by visual.ly

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