The 12 Key Elements Of A Great Interior Design

The art of interior designing is not easy. It’s not just about “putting random stuff and decors and combining colours” says Cut My Plastic. Interior designers follow principles and guidelines in designing your home interiors.

Here are the 12 elements of UK interior design elements:


Space is what makes your home. This includes the shape, size, dimension, length, and the width, among others. Knowing your home space well makes it easier to start interior designing.


Lines define shapes and forms patterns. It can be horizontal, vertical or dynamic. Lines can be found on tables, chairs, windows, doorways, and stairs.


Form refers to shapes in general. A form is an outline of 3D objects in the space. It can be geometric or natural. Form establishes harmony and balance.


Light is very important as it sets the mood and the ambiance of the living space. It also highlights other elements including shapes, lines, and forms. You should check out the design aspects over at


Colour establishes an aesthetic connection between elements. It adds life and emphasis on space and objects. Each colour has hue, value, and intensity. Colours also represent moods.


The texture is responsible for the depth of a living space. It provides emphasis on the appearance and consistency of a surface. Textures can be visual or actual.


Patterns are a repetition of elements. It tells a story and combines elements to create transition or harmony in the living space.


Balance creates the feeling of equilibrium in the space. There are three different kinds of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.


Like music, design needs rhythm. This involves patterns to create visual interest. Its purpose is to create a sense of movement inside your home.


Harmony is a result of all elements working together to create a unified statement. For example, you can create harmony by using one colour theme in your house.


Proportion refers to the ratio between the sizes of one object to another. There should be proportion to create balance and harmony. Even things like cot beds can be stylish and effect proportions.


Some elements just need emphasis. You can make a portion in your house the center of attraction or the focal point.

Can you check if these elements are present in your current interior design?

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