Why Wearing Contact Lenses During DIY Is Better Than Glasses

Why Wearing Contact Lenses During DIY Is Better Than Glasses

It is vital to wear some form of eye protection when engaging in DIY tasks. Anything from flying chips of wood to caustic splashes of paint stripper can cause permanent damage in your most precious peepers.

The best advice is to wear protective googles which are a) impact resistant, b) have a British Standards kitemark or CE mark, and c) fit properly. These can be quite annoying and uncomfortable, though, if glasses are worn underneath. Thus contact lenses represent a more effective and comfortable option. They will ensure that your vision is perfect, which is vital when hammering, sawing, and doing 101 other tasks which could lead to serious, painful accidents if your vision is in any way compromised.

Glasses tend to get misted up when any sort of heat is in the air, or if you are sweating profusely. Contact lenses represent an alternative which will not become misted up, have no need to be constantly taken off and put on again. Furthermore, there is no chance that any splashes or stains can occur on your contacts, whereas such things can ruin a pair of expensive, prescription glasses.

Glasses can actually fall the end of your nose, especially when you’re bending down or craning your neck up at something. DIY accidents are measured in the thousands in the UK alone, each year. Don’t allow for something flimsy to be perched on your nose, but simply insert your contacts at the start of the day.

Many DIY jobs involve you getting your hands completely filthy, and not being able to fully cleanse them until the job is done. With glasses, you are likely to end up spoiling them or ruining the lenses. Acuvue Contact lenses from Pure Optical completely bypass this annoyance, so are well worth the effort it takes you to insert, allowing you to comfortably remove them when you are good and ready to do so.



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