Our Services

Toxic Creative is UK’s leading online interior design firm that provides professional and customized interior design services. Toxic Creative is made up of experienced interior designers and decorators who have helped thousands of homes achieve its desired beauty and design.

Interior Decoration

Toxic Creative’s interior design services include quality decoration. We choose the finest decor, furniture, and objects that will perfectly fit the interiors of your home. Our decoration makes sure it follows the necessary elements, especially balance, rhythm, and harmony.

Floor Planning

Our quality floor planning services include a visual representation of your room or home scaled and viewed from above. We make sure that we make use of your space efficiently and wisely. We use certain applications and software to generate a better view of your floor plan.

3D Visualization

Toxic Creative will provide the future of your home interior design through 3D renderings. We want you to visualize the expected results of your interiors after Toxic Creative will do the magic. Our 3D visualization offers a 360-degree look of your home interior.

Color Selection

Colors are very important – from the walls and ceilings to the objects and furniture. We make sure that the colors you choose sync in the color palette. We want to help you select the best color that represents your identity, your mood, and your personality.

Shopping Assistance

Toxic Creative is also very passionate about helping you in purchasing furniture, appliances, decorations, and accessories that will be placed in your house. Our team of experts provides helpful tips and advice on how to shop the best objects in your house at a very affordable rate.

Design Consultation

If you have any questions or inquiries about our services, you can ask for a free consultation. Our team of professional interior designers will look into your house and propose a home interior design plan.

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