Why Wearing Contact Lenses During DIY Is Better Than Glasses

Why Wearing Contact Lenses During DIY Is Better Than Glasses

It is vital to wear some form of eye protection when engaging in DIY tasks. Anything from flying chips of wood to caustic splashes of paint stripper can cause permanent damage in your most precious peepers.

The best advice is to wear protective googles which are a) impact resistant, b) have a British Standards kitemark or CE mark, and c) fit properly. These can be quite annoying and uncomfortable, though, if glasses are worn underneath. Thus contact lenses represent a more effective and comfortable option. They will ensure that your vision is perfect, which is vital when hammering, sawing, and doing 101 other tasks which could lead to serious, painful accidents if your vision is in any way compromised.

Glasses tend to get misted up when any sort of heat is in the air, or if you are sweating profusely. Contact lenses represent an alternative which will not become misted up, have no need to be constantly taken off and put on again. Furthermore, there is no chance that any splashes or stains can occur on your contacts, whereas such things can ruin a pair of expensive, prescription glasses.

Glasses can actually fall the end of your nose, especially when you’re bending down or craning your neck up at something. DIY accidents are measured in the thousands in the UK alone, each year. Don’t allow for something flimsy to be perched on your nose, but simply insert your contacts at the start of the day.

Many DIY jobs involve you getting your hands completely filthy, and not being able to fully cleanse them until the job is done. With glasses, you are likely to end up spoiling them or ruining the lenses. Acuvue Contact lenses from Pure Optical completely bypass this annoyance, so are well worth the effort it takes you to insert, allowing you to comfortably remove them when you are good and ready to do so.



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secure home
Ways to secure your new home

Most homes have some minimum-security systems in place. They could be as high tech as motion sensors or as simple as having a guard dog. It is effortless for most burglars to enter homes that are not secured enough. Newer homes are even easier to breach than older ones. They are practically open for everyone to come. With carpenters, movers, locksmiths, and electricians going in and out of the house, it is next to impossible to keep everything under wraps.

New homes should be secured as soon as possible. Since it is a new place, you might not be sure what the vulnerable spots in the house are. It is imperative that you give some thought into figuring out which areas of your new home need securing. Not all burglaries can be prevented but stopping casual robberies should be your goal. The utmost significance of securing your home is to make it a less viable target for burglars and thieves.

Let us look at some ways to secure your new home and be safe from burglaries.


Home security system:

Install a home security system that can be remotely controlled and monitored. Most systems today, come with built-in connections to the home Wifi. Security systems are automatic, quick to install, easily accessible for residents, act as deterrents to burglars, and help in notifying the police immediately. Newer systems also come with energy saver modes that help in saving energy used in the house by switching off utilities in rooms that are unoccupied. Home insurance is less costly when there is a highly advanced security system already installed. Newer homeowners can benefit significantly from a reduced cost in energy bills, home insurance, and protection and monitoring of the new house. This is especially if you have things like mobility scooters, worth money added keepmovingcare.com.

CCTV Cameras:

First, identify areas around the house that are difficult to monitor and can be used as entry points to the main house. Areas or spots such as the roof, garden, backyard, basement, tool shed, swimming pool area, fencing, and so on are difficult to monitor all the time. Installing CCTV cameras around the house is a sure way to let intruders, nosy neighbors, burglars, and criminals know that they will be monitored and recorded at all times. In case of an incident being filed with the police, CCTV footage is used as evidence of a crime being committed. While CCTV cameras will not prevent the theft or robbery from occurring, they will act as deterrents for people wishing not to be recorded on camera. This is especially true if you have expensive outside items such as a robotic lawnmower, this will deter perps from stealing easy access items.


Secure doors and windows:

Just because you have a security system and CCTV camera coverage does not mean you do not need to lock and secure your doors and windows. Most burglars prefer entering from the main gate instead of moving to the back door or kitchen entrance. Seek the help of a reputed locksmith who can advise and install hard-to-break locks. A locksmith can secure your doors and windows to make them nearly impenetrable. The only way doors and windows can be accessed would be by breaking them. The noise created because of this breakage is enough to gain the attention of people on the road and neighbors. The police will not be far behind.

Locksmiths can help with safety latch and lock installations to your garage, tool shed, back entrance, doors, and windows across the house.


Install motion sensor lights:

In the event of a family holiday or vacation, your new home might become easy pickings for thieves and burglars in the neighborhood. Installing motion sensor lights in the house, near the roof, on the front porch, on the backyard, in the basement, and around the garden can help spook intruders and burglars and have them run off. Deterring burglars from entering the house is better than recording them for evidence when they do enter the house. Motion sensor lights also help alert the neighbors and people on the road in the night. You can also program the newer models of motion sensors to come on and shut off at pre-decided particular times. If you are worried about energy bills, opt for motion sensors that work on solar-powered batteries. This way, you can secure your house, and save on your bills. People even steal things like induction hob pans now days, so you have to be super careful!

All these things together can help keep your new home secure from intruders. Additionally, put up some security signs, do a mock burglary of your own home, get friendly with the new neighbors, and eliminate any hiding places like tall hedges and shrubs and opt for smaller flowers and plants instead.…

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8 Home Feng Shui Steps For Good Flow Of Energy

In designing homes, some people consider following Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese art of placement. It contains a system of laws that govern spatial arrangement in the house to attract and keep the flow of chi or energy. Feng Shui has been an important factor in building designs.

If you are among those considering this Chinese tradition, here are 8 basic Feng Shui steps that are good for your home:

Declutter Your House

The main goal of Feng Shui is to keep the chi or the energy flowing. So lighten up the load, get rid of the objects you do not use and make way for the positive energy. The clutter inhibits the entrance of energy, thus creating negativity inside your home.

Open The Door

Make your home a welcoming place. Keep the energy flowing and the negativity exiting. Make sure that your door is wide open. The front door shall be clean and free from obstacles including shoe racks.

Ensure Air And Light Entry

The Air and Light are two essential elements for a good Feng Shui energy. You need to open the windows for the entry of quality air and light. They help the continuous flow of positive energy in your home.

Place Plants Inside

Plants are therapeutic in nature. They purify the air and absorb toxins and other pollutants that produce negative energy. We suggest that you choose bigger plants to make it look minimal and sophisticated. Especially if you use the house as an office for a Digital Marketing Company or something.

Fix The Damaged

If you have furniture, appliances or anything inside your house, fix them. Repair clogged drains, broken pipes, dysfunctional TV, or even tattered clothes. They represent brokenness.

Avoid Too Many Lines

Straight lines create sharp edges which according to Feng Shui are “poison arrows”. If you have hanging frames, stairs or racks, make sure they got soft edges to allow the spontaneous flow of energy.

Take Bed In Command

Feng Shui has a concept of “commanding position” in which it suggests to place the most important furniture in a commanding position. The bed is where you rest for hours. The bed should be facing the door but not in line with the door. Future Focus who specialise in massage agreed. Keep things like the Kidsco baby carrier guide off the bed, to keep it neat.

Keep The Water Running

Chinese are fond of fountains. They represent the continuous and never-ending flow of energy. They are also good natural ionizers. Place fountains outside your house for good cash flow. You can put them in the living room or in the kitchen together with your Skimmedlatte coffee machine.…

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The 12 Key Elements Of A Great Interior Design

The art of interior designing is not easy. It’s not just about “putting random stuff and decors and combining colours” says Cut My Plastic. Interior designers follow principles and guidelines in designing your home interiors.

Here are the 12 elements of UK interior design elements:


Space is what makes your home. This includes the shape, size, dimension, length, and the width, among others. Knowing your home space well makes it easier to start interior designing.


Lines define shapes and forms patterns. It can be horizontal, vertical or dynamic. Lines can be found on tables, chairs, windows, doorways, and stairs.


Form refers to shapes in general. A form is an outline of 3D objects in the space. It can be geometric or natural. Form establishes harmony and balance.


Light is very important as it sets the mood and the ambiance of the living space. It also highlights other elements including shapes, lines, and forms. You should check out the design aspects over at freakprint.co.uk.


Colour establishes an aesthetic connection between elements. It adds life and emphasis on space and objects. Each colour has hue, value, and intensity. Colours also represent moods.


The texture is responsible for the depth of a living space. It provides emphasis on the appearance and consistency of a surface. Textures can be visual or actual.


Patterns are a repetition of elements. It tells a story and combines elements to create transition or harmony in the living space.


Balance creates the feeling of equilibrium in the space. There are three different kinds of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.


Like music, design needs rhythm. This involves patterns to create visual interest. Its purpose is to create a sense of movement inside your home.


Harmony is a result of all elements working together to create a unified statement. For example, you can create harmony by using one colour theme in your house.


Proportion refers to the ratio between the sizes of one object to another. There should be proportion to create balance and harmony. Even things like cot beds can be stylish and effect proportions.


Some elements just need emphasis. You can make a portion in your house the center of attraction or the focal point.

Can you check if these elements are present in your current interior design?

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8 Perfect Home Designs Of 2017

Home is where we belong. It is a place of comfort where we can feel that we are safe and relaxed. It is also a place for convenience as it provides everything we need from food, bed to TV and the Internet. Indeed, there is no place like home the place where your  best espresso machine taste is best.

Our homes represent our identity. A messy house reflects our personality. A well-decorated home symbolizes a positive and joyful homeowner. Thus, it is important that we find time to decorate our homes and equip it with quality wood flooring for a start.

Here are 8 perfect home design ideas for 2017:

Dominance of Green

Pantone declared “Greenery” as the Colour of the Year 2017. Decorating your home with green furniture or painting your walls green means bringing the nature inside the house. Apart from nature, green represents refreshment and revitalization.

Pattern Combination

Mixing patterns is a traditional design idea that still manages to keep up in this digital era. Fashion designers are utilizing mixed patterns in their creations. It will also work in your house! Grab some blanket with mixed patterns and place it in your bed, complemented with pillows of various patterns, too. Spaces, who design kitchens in Worthing, use this concept throughout the whole process from planning to manufacturing their kitchens and living spaces.


Fill your house with mirrors – mirrors here, mirrors there and mirror everywhere. Mirrors create an illusion that your house is large, thus making it look more spacious. Mirrors are also perfect for the “selfie” generation. Also quality show off opt for the best quality pillows, the best sofa the best everything.


DIY crafts had become popular before. But now, the artisanal products are back. Instead of recycled materials formed into a home décor, artisanal decorations are more sophisticated and minimal. This includes amazing woodwork, porcelain vases, and glass figures.


Butterflies symbolize optimistic and happy outlook on life. Butterflies are unique on walls. Apart from children’s rooms, they are also perfect in bathrooms and outdoor kitchens.

Hanging Lights

Table lamps are out. Hanging lights are in. Consider hanging pendant lights in your home office or bedroom to create a whimsical style. Hanging lights are also perfect for small spaces.

Marble Surfaces

Marble surfaces is a timeless home design preference. It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Choose marble surfaces that are in shades of white and gray. Though be careful with pricey items such as your Chord Mojo player when placing it on such surfaces.

Foldable and Convertible

Less is a trend now. The more space, the better. Purchase tucked-away appliances and foldable furniture to create more space in your house. Can you imagine the space you’d save if you had a folding treadmill or slide away table? Also a better choice would be a bed that can be converted to room table or cabinet. Prestige Doors say ‘minimalism is a very popular design movement these days’.…

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