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Ways to secure your new home

Most homes have some minimum-security systems in place. They could be as high tech as motion sensors or as simple as having a guard dog. It is effortless for most burglars to enter homes that are not secured enough. Newer homes are even easier to breach than older ones. They are practically open for everyone to come. With carpenters, movers, locksmiths, and electricians going in and out of the house, it is next to impossible to keep everything under wraps.

New homes should be secured as soon as possible. Since it is a new place, you might not be sure what the vulnerable spots in the house are. It is imperative that you give some thought into figuring out which areas of your new home need securing. Not all burglaries can be prevented but stopping casual robberies should be your goal. The utmost significance of securing your home is to make it a less viable target for burglars and thieves.

Let us look at some ways to secure your new home and be safe from burglaries.


Home security system:

Install a home security system that can be remotely controlled and monitored. Most systems today, come with built-in connections to the home Wifi. Security systems are automatic, quick to install, easily accessible for residents, act as deterrents to burglars, and help in notifying the police immediately. Newer systems also come with energy saver modes that help in saving energy used in the house by switching off utilities in rooms that are unoccupied. Home insurance is less costly when there is a highly advanced security system already installed. Newer homeowners can benefit significantly from a reduced cost in energy bills, home insurance, and protection and monitoring of the new house. This is especially if you have things like mobility scooters, worth money added

CCTV Cameras:

First, identify areas around the house that are difficult to monitor and can be used as entry points to the main house. Areas or spots such as the roof, garden, backyard, basement, tool shed, swimming pool area, fencing, and so on are difficult to monitor all the time. Installing CCTV cameras around the house is a sure way to let intruders, nosy neighbors, burglars, and criminals know that they will be monitored and recorded at all times. In case of an incident being filed with the police, CCTV footage is used as evidence of a crime being committed. While CCTV cameras will not prevent the theft or robbery from occurring, they will act as deterrents for people wishing not to be recorded on camera. This is especially true if you have expensive outside items such as a robotic lawnmower, this will deter perps from stealing easy access items.


Secure doors and windows:

Just because you have a security system and CCTV camera coverage does not mean you do not need to lock and secure your doors and windows. Most burglars prefer entering from the main gate instead of moving to the back door or kitchen entrance. Seek the help of a reputed locksmith who can advise and install hard-to-break locks. A locksmith can secure your doors and windows to make them nearly impenetrable. The only way doors and windows can be accessed would be by breaking them. The noise created because of this breakage is enough to gain the attention of people on the road and neighbors. The police will not be far behind.

Locksmiths can help with safety latch and lock installations to your garage, tool shed, back entrance, doors, and windows across the house.


Install motion sensor lights:

In the event of a family holiday or vacation, your new home might become easy pickings for thieves and burglars in the neighborhood. Installing motion sensor lights in the house, near the roof, on the front porch, on the backyard, in the basement, and around the garden can help spook intruders and burglars and have them run off. Deterring burglars from entering the house is better than recording them for evidence when they do enter the house. Motion sensor lights also help alert the neighbors and people on the road in the night. You can also program the newer models of motion sensors to come on and shut off at pre-decided particular times. If you are worried about energy bills, opt for motion sensors that work on solar-powered batteries. This way, you can secure your house, and save on your bills. People even steal things like induction hob pans now days, so you have to be super careful!

All these things together can help keep your new home secure from intruders. Additionally, put up some security signs, do a mock burglary of your own home, get friendly with the new neighbors, and eliminate any hiding places like tall hedges and shrubs and opt for smaller flowers and plants instead.

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